by Bob Sedergreen
Many books have been written about Australian Jazz from the outside looking in, but this book is writtten from the inside and is a revealing and rewarding experience, from the heart and soul of an important figure in the history of Australian Jazz.
Bob Sedergreen's impact and influence in performance, composition and education has secured his place as a national treasure.  To play with Bob Sedergreen has been described as the 'ultimate armchair ride'.  To hear him is always exciting and satisfying.  "Reading Hear Me Talking to Ya is like sitting next to Bob on a bar stool hearing a lifetype of jazz stories ...."
You can also purchase through Identity Promotions PO Box 2384 Key 3101 [$20 plus postage] or at any of Bob's gigs - or just go to your favourite bookstore and purchase it.  Contact Rae Sedergreen for further information.
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Bob Sedergreen
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Bob Sedergreen and Adam Rudegeair
New Orleans occupies a special place in the hearts of Bob and Adam - listen as they capture the urgency, wit, elegance and grit of the New Orleans jazz style.
For over 3 years they have been paying tribute to the energy and intensity of the Crescent City sounds, which began its journey in Africa and the Caribbean, and now can be found all over the world, from Frankfurt to Frankston. 
Launched in October 2015, this album would make a perfect Christmas gift.
The Ted Vining Trio
Ted Vining writes: "These are a few of Our Favourite Things – making good music, good food, good wines, a shot of Jack Daniels, and nice enthusiastic audiences.
"We experienced this and more on a recent tour through Melbourne at The Horn, the Jazz Basement in Wodonga, The Gods Café in Canberra, the Whale Motor Inn in Narooma, the Down South Jazz Club in Merimbula, the Wine Bar in Paynesville, back to Melbourne’s Uptown Jazz Café, winding up with this recording session at Move Studios.
"Special thanks to Bob and Gareth for their wonderful musicality and ridiculous sense of humour.  We hope this CD becomes one of your favourite things."
The Ted Vining Trio
This live recording of the Ted Vining Trio captures a real performance.  "I was there for the concert ... it was exciting, humorous, lyrical and moving", says Jim McLeod, presenter of Jazz on Ovation.
The long-running Ted Vining Trio comprises Ted Vining on drums, Bob Sedergreen playing piano, and Barry Buckley on bass.  Guitarist Stephen Magnusson makes a special guest appearance on two tracks.
Tony Gould and Bob Sedergreen
Two grand pianos back-to-back recorded in concert at Melba Hall, The University of Melbourne.
"Sedergreen's playing never failed to capture the ear with its vigour, variety and skill.  Gould excelled wtih his delicacy of touch, and in brilliant improvisations." (Don Porter, The Adelaide Advertiser).
"Two great jazz artists, two grand pianos - too good to miss!"
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Rosa - Horbelt - Sedergreen
Carlton's Lygon Street, perhaps one of the world's most notorious restaurant strips, draws locals and tourists alike.  Il Primo is perhaps the last bastion of live music and prides itself on being the only establishment on the strip to offer high quality jazz influenced music residencies to a number of bands.
Wednesday night's residency belongs to Rosa/Horbelt/Sedergreen, whose music never fails to impress, delight and eventually win over those patrons not normally taken with this style of music.
This CD is a result of many requests that this working unit provide a recording representative of the music it has been presenting each Wednesday for the past three years.  The playlist reflects an accurate compilation of the band's actual live performances.
p.s. Sonja and Ivan are actually better known as music teachers who have contributed to the on-going musical prowess of many hundreds of students at a variety of government and private schools.  Bob is now an Adjunct Professor of Music at RMIT.
Bob Sedergreen
With Bob Sedegreen featuring guest vocalists: Bridgette Allen, Carl Pannuzzo, Margie Lou Dyer, Nilusha Baeder, Shonah Honeyhill, Christine Sullivan, Ashley Gaudion, Monique Sesto and Jacki Gaudion, singing original songs written by Bob Sedergreen.
CDs also available at their gigs on Wednesday nights or on iTunes.
Ted Vining Trio
Re-release of this iconic album.  When the Ted Vining Trio's first record was released in 1977, they were considered one of the most tightly-knit groups in Australia.
Ted, pianist Bob Sedergreen and bassist Barry Buckley first got together in August 1969, and played around the world as a highly sought-after rhythm section.  They create a very potent chemistry when they play together, and continue to push boundaries and stretch themselves musically.
During the seventies they worked as three quarters of the Brian Brown Quartet and as a trio performed at all of Australia's major jazz festivals and venues for 35 years.  The trio is a well oiled, fully integrated unit.  Ted Vining rarely takes the limelight - sometimes subtle, sometimes an assertive powerhouse.  Barry Buckley keeps the engine purring with his solid groove-making.  The inventive Bob Sedergreen joyrides over a countryside made up of mostly jazz standards, sometimes reminding you of Dudley Moore.
Says Adrian Jackson: "The three play with one mind, settling in to a perfectly synchronised groove, continually throwing ideas at each other, without anyone ever being caught off guard.  It is as though they have been plyaing together all their lives. If only more bands could communicate with each other, and their listeners, so effectively."
Steve Sedergreen
Points in Points in Time is a 12-song collection of original material, written at various points in Steve Sedergreen's stellar career, all reworked and re-imagined.
Produced by Cameron Giles-Webb at Gusto Studios in Melbourne over six months in late 2011 and early 2012, Points in Time was recorded with an impressive 10-piece band including lush horn arrangements by Dave Palmer plus special guest performances by guitarist Doug De Vries and vocalist Hetty Kate.
Purchase information: www.stevesedergreen.com
BLOW has been at the forefront of Australian contemporary jazz since its inception as Musiikki Oy during the early 1980s. 
BLOW is Ted Vining (drums, co-leader), Bob Sedergreen (piano, keyboards), Peter Harper (alto saxophone, co-leader), Ian Dixon (trumpet, flugelhorn) and Gareth Hill (double bass).
Julie Bailey, Bob Sedergreen and Evri Eripidu
Three Dimensions of Love, produced by jazz great Bob Sedergreen, was launched at Melbourne's unique and exquisite venue for jazz, classical, opera and world music, Ruby's Music room, on Sunday 14th July 2013.
Three Dimensions of Love features Julie Bailey (vocals), Bob Sedergreen (keyboards and tambourine), Evripides Evripidou (electric bass, electric and acoustic guitar, programmed drums and percussion), and gianni Marinucci (trumpet and flugelhorn).